.. I’m Silvia from the Weimaraner Kennel “DEI GRANDI GRIGI”, a breed that I have been breeding with commitment and passion since 1998. The first “Weimaraner” I had made me immediately fall in love with this splendid breed, and so I began to study the morphology, the character and the bloodlines of these splendid dogs. After many years of efforts and immense satisfaction I got in my breed the Weimaraner that I had in mind for all these years.

I would never have been able to breed them if I were not absolutely in love with them… breeding is a passion that involves you day and night, those who breed with seriousness love to follow their dogs closely, rather than delegating even the most ungrateful tasks to third parties, therefore, as I say, it is a work of those in whom no rest is known. You can manage a kennel by going twice a day to clean the boxes and feed the dogs or live with them daily giving them attention and care.

The bloodline that I select in the breeding is essentially the American one; I prefer them for their morphological aspect, i.e., they are robust, powerful Weimaraners, as well as for the character aspect as they are docile, affectionate, morbidly linked to family members and finally, reliable guardians.

My Weims are entrusted to families not without them visiting the kennel, after having looked into each other’s eyes and having answered each other’s various questions, which, for me, are designed to understand if the interested person of my children can really be entrusted to them.

The puppies are then delivered to the loving arms of those is going to welcome them, and never, in any case, sent by courier or sold to shopkeepers or intermediaries.

Whoever decides to take a Weimaraner puppy from my kennel with him will have to do it only and exclusively because it is the type of dog he will want to love.

My Weims are not suitable for people who do not like to live their dog at 360°, they are not suitable for distracted people or for all those, in short, who see him… just as a dog.

The owners of my puppies are naturally very different from each other, there are families from all walks of life, wonderful singles and numerous VIPs, but they all have one thing in common that fills me with pride: the boundless love for GRANDI GRIGI KENNEL’s Weimaraners!!!

The first Weimaraner to be seen on television when the breed was absolutely unknown to most people was Ether, used in numerous advertisements and films, which you may have seen on television with Maria De Filippi in “C’È’ POSTA PER TE”… she was one of my little “girls”, too.

But the biggest advertising is the one of those who have adopted one of my little puppies, those who love to walk in town or run in the countryside with their Weimaraner by their side, those who have care and love for their wonderful dogs… who saw me, albeit for a couple of months, raise them as if they were really mine, forever.

The relationship with the new owners of the puppies usually begins at the departure of the puppy, and not vice versa, as unfortunately happens in many cases.

I am always available for any questions or advice to help you grow your puppy in the best possible way, moreover, it is possible to be put in contact with people in your town who have already adopted one of my puppies, so that you can share your experience with those who have already done this fantastic experience.

Before being adopted, the puppies are subjected to psycho-aptitude tests and very careful veterinary medical checks, and even later, you can be followed by Dr. Giannini, who is the breeding veterinarian, nationally recognized as an excellent connoisseur of the breed.

From my Kennel come numerous National and International Beauty Champions, Weimaraner Specialty and Club Winners, Europeans, and also the 1st Weimaraner ABSOLUTE CHAMPION (Rapsody) in the history of the breed in Italy; she was born in my kennel as well as many Weimaraners that other breeders show with pride and satisfaction.

The visits to the kennel are without any commitment since I am proud to show my “boys”, but I receive only on appointment, also respecting the rhythms of life of my dogs.

I do not want to bore you further by reporting ethical codes and clichés made to fill the pages… come to my Kennel to touch the puppies, the adults, and see how much passion and dedication there is in every puppy that is born.